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Regional Research Support is part of Research Support Services at Oslo University Hospital and offers services to employees in the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. Resources, tools and other information presented on the web site are intended as an aid to researchers and other personnel involved in research at the health region's hospitals. As part of South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, you are also welcome to contact one of the Research Support's departments / professionals for advice and guidance. Use the contact addresses under the individual topics on the website. Contact details for our employees can be found at the OUS web pages by clicking the department names in the organisation chart at the bottom of this page.

Regional Research Support offers advice and services in the following areas:

In addition, research administrative support is offered within:

Regional Research Support also offers courses in all disciplines, see Courses. We also undertake tailor-made courses by appointment.

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Regional Research Support is, together with Department of Comparative Medicine, part of Research Support Services, which is led by Kristin Bjordal and includes the following departments (links to Oslo University Hospital's website in Norwegian):



Research Support Services

Kristin Bjordal

Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)

Jon Borgaard

Advice and services during all stages of a clinical trial

  • Monitoring
  • Data management
  • Statistics
  • GCP
  • Health economics
  • PROM

Administrative Research Support

Martin Sending

Advice and guidance within

  • Internal control for research
  • Research ethics and law
  • Contracts
  • External financing
  • Publication
  • Reporting
  • Industry sponsored trials and cooperation with industry

Biobank and Registry Support

Dominic A. Hoff

Registries and research biobanks

  • Planning
  • Formalisation
  • Establishment
  • Operation
  • System responsibility and operation: Medinsight, eBiobank and eReg

Oslo Centre for Biostatistics and Epidemiology (OCBE)

Manuela Zucknick

Advising within

  • Choice of design and method
  • Sample size calculation
  • Methods of statistical and epidemiological analysis 
  • Presentation and interpretation of results

Department of Comparative Medicine

Henrik Rasmussen

Professional expertise in all aspects of animal testing